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Rental Filling Mortar Pump FC920

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Rental Filling Mortar Pump FC920  Mortar pump Pump A) Rental Machinery



1. Reduce Worker
2. lncrease Workability

3. Bigger Mixer - 28O liter
4. Bigger Hopper - 3OO liter

5. Faster Delivery of Mortar
6. Easy to Maintain and Assembly

7. High Efficiency
- Reduce the LaQour Cost

8. Main Machine with 6 Bearings
Description Specification
Main Engine Power  10hp
Voltage  300-415V (50Hz)
Generator Size Recommended  25 KVA
Output Per Hour  3-7 m2
Cycle Per Hour  12-18
Max. Delivery Height  60m
Max. Delivery Distance  12O m
Weight of Main Machine  48O kg
Main power supply  3 phase 415VAC 50Hz
 - 3 phase 415VAC 50Hz, FLA 60amp
Extruder tube pump
 Electrical motor Control
 - 3 phase 415V 50Hz 5HP, FLA 5 HP
   DOL starter AC24V

 Flow rate
   3 - 6 m³/hr

 - 17.5 mm

 Inner diameter
 - 50 mm

 - 1.60 m
Square hopper  Vibrator electrical motor Control
 - 3 phase 415V 50Hz ½HP,
   FLA 0.7amp on/off switch

Hopper mixer electrical motor

 - 3 phase 415V 50Hz 1HP,
   FLA 1.4amp on/off switch

 - 1hp

 - 300 liter

 - 140kg
Round Mixer  Electrical motor Control
 - 3 phase 415V 50Hz 3HP, FLA4.2amp
   Forward/Reverse, on/off switch

 - 3hp

 - 300 liter

 - 175kg

Plastering Machine*
Plastering Machine is a main component of the Plastering Machine/Cement Mortar Pump, which its function
is to Pumpthe processed Cement Mortar to the designated worksites above ground.

Hopper Machine*
Square Hopper is also a main component and it is significant for Plastering machine. The vibrator of Square
Hopper w''ill ensure the separation of unwanted materials from the mixtures, which Square Hopper will iilter
the mixtures before the mixtures deliver to the main engine of Plastering Machine/Cement Mortar pump.
The purpose for this vibrator is to preventany rough materials that can make the Plastering Machine/Ce-
ment Mortar Pump broken or spoil.

Mixer Machine*
Mixer is important for Plastering Machine/Cement Mortar Pump as its main component. the function of
Mixer is to mix sandand Cement in an anticlockwise or clockwise motion, ensuring the finest mix of the ma-
terials. The Mixer of the PlasteringMachine will blend the mixtures of sand and Cement evenly, then those
mixtures willdeliver to the Square Hopper of the Plastering Machine.

1  Main Machine 10HP C/W Wireless Remote Control  1 unit
2  Pug Hopper c/w Vibrator Motor  1 unit
3  Round Mixer (3HP)  1 unit
4  Cement Stand  1 unit
5  10m Delivery Tube Black #40mm + #50mm  1 length
6  Black Hopper Tube #50mm  1 length
7  Electrical Wire 50m  1 roll
8  3m Iron Tube #50mm  20 lengths
9  90° Iron Tube #40mm  3 lengths
10  Retaining Ring #40mm  1 pcs
11  Retaining Ring #50mm  27 pc
12  Switch Box with Stand  1 set
13  Machine Accessories #ET920  2 lengths
14  Sponge  20 pcs
15  Tools Box with Tools  1 box
16  Socket #40mm  1 pc
17  Remote Control Wire  1 roll
18  Socket With Different Bottom 40&50mm  
19  Safety Net  1 pc

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